Precinct People

Zoom in with the precinct maps below for better detail (be patient, it takes a moment for zoomed in detail to show):

Precinct People

The glue that holds the Democrat Party together.


  • Elect Democrats
  • Build the Democrat base
  • Support the CCDCC
  • Help legislators during session

Here are other activities that a Precinct Person may do:

  • Keep in touch with voters in their neighborhood
  • Ensure that people can easily vote
  • Represent your neighbors to the CCDCC and legislators

You may already be doing many of the activities that a Precinct Person does if you are:

  • Walking neighborhoods for candidates
  • Phone-banking or calling for candidates
  • Attending candidate fundraisers or donating to candidates
  • Talking with your neighbors and friends about important political issues
  • Organizing the resistance
  • Helping people register to vote
  • Engaging in Social or Environmental Justice advocacy
  • Help find Democratic poll workers
  • Attend monthly CCDCC meetings
  • Vote on Party Leadership including County Chair, Vice-Chair, etc.
  • Caucus to replace unexpected vacancies in elected positions
  • Decide the rules of the CCDCC

If you are interested in becoming a Precinct Person, contact us!

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