CCDCC Officials

2023 – 2025 CCDCC Officers:

Chairperson:  Helena Lovick
(406) 788-7139

Vice-Chairperson: Matt Pipinich
(406) 860-2430

Secretary:  Lela Graham

Treasurer: Terri Nelson

State Committeeperson:  Carl Donovan

State Committeeperson: Cheryl Ulmer

1st Alternate: Alice Klundt

1st Alternate: Jerry Rukavina

2nd Alternate: Aishly Corrigan-Snider

2nd Alternate: Jerry Ferderer

2021 – 2023 Committees:

Budget and Finance: Chair – Terri Nelson (, Ron Szabo, Cheryl Ulmer, Desirae Starling

Rules: Chair – Melissa Smith, Cheryl Ulmer, Candace Kramer

Precinct Committee:  Chair – Alice Klundt (, Helena Lovick

Events: Co-Chairs – Carl Donovan – and Cheryl Ulmer (, Melissa Smith, Helena Lovick, Shannon Wilson, Aishly Corrigan-Snider, Don Ryan

Search: Chair – Carl Donovan (, Helena Lovick, Melissa Smith, Richard Liebert, Cheryl Ulmer, Mitch Tropila

Social Media: Chair – Helena Lovick (, Beth Price Morrison, Tim Hodges, Melissa Smith

Fundraising: Chair – Helena Lovick (, Terri Nelson, Carl Donovan, Cheryl Ulmer, Ron Szabo

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