Cascade County Democrats’ Statement on the Silencing of Rep. Zephyr

April 26, 2023

The Democrats of Cascade County are appalled by today’s vote in the Montana Legislature to silence Representative Zooey Zephyr.  She has done nothing more than attempt to represent her constituents to the best of her ability AND that includes speaking TRUTH to power. Are Republicans trying to convince the people of Montana that their only motivation is that they she used language they didn’t like? REALLY??  

No, you want to silence her because she represents truths you want to ignore and Montana citizens you would rather “stay in their place”.  Your cowardly action today is the response of authoritarian regimes everywhere; silence those who disagree.  We in Cascade County stand with Zooey and her determination to represent those who elected her. 


Ron Szabo, Chair, Cascade County Democratic Central Committee 

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