Election Day 2022

Tuesday, November 8th. This is the day we have been working toward all year. The last day to vote and have your voice be counted.

How to Vote Today

If you have your ballot: You can drop off your ballot at the county elections office at 325 2nd Ave N or at the Exhibition Hall at the Montana Expo Park (400 3rd St NW).

If you need a ballot: You can get a ballot and vote in-person at the Exhibition Hall at the Montana Expo Park as along as you arrive before 8 PM.

If you need to register: Montana still has same day voter registration! If you need to register you can do so at the Expo Park and vote today! But you have to get there before 8 PM. (The GOP voter election law restrictions and onerous voter ID requirements were blocked by the courts. Hooray!)

Voter Identification:

You will be asked to show ID to vote in Montana.

Acceptable forms include:

  • valid Driver’s License
  • school district or postsecondary education identification
  • tribal ID card
  • current utility bill
  • bank statement
  • paycheck
  • notice of confirmation of voter registration
  • government check
  • other government document that shows your name and current address

Voters without ID: If you are unable to provide ID, you can vote a provisional ballot. Your provisional ballot will be counted if you provide one of the items on the list to the county election office by 5:00 p.m. the day after the election, or mail it to the county election office postmarked by the day after the election.

Get out there and vote blue for our future!

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