Hello Fellow Cascade County Democrats!

We were beaten badly in the last election. We must turn that around. I firmly believe that what happens in Cascade County affects not just the local area, but the state and the nation. We need every one of you to help.

Since the election, the party has worked to identify how we are perceived in local elections and what direction we need to take to improve our image and connect our policy goals and achievements to the daily concerns of the people of the county.

As a result, we have launched a social media campaign. I hope you read our Facebook and web pages and that you share our posts, thus increasing the impact. Surely almost all of you could do that.

But we need more. A consistent campaign needs constant, new content; and because we want to focus locally, we need local folks to step up. Many already have, but the more we have the more effective we will be. This effort is a long-term project which goes beyond the next election cycle and the one after that.

I am asking for PARTICIPATION, not money. Help us create content, improve our ability to plan future posts and expand our efforts to other areas of social media and beyond.

PLEASE come to our monthly meetings, held the third Thursday of each month at 6PM at the MFPE office at 521 13th Ave. S. OR call any one of our officers and precinct people. The numbers are listed on our website.

If we don’t act now, what will the future bring? Will you be happy that you did less than you could have? Together we can make real change.

Hoping to see you soon, Ron Szabo, Chairman

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