SCHOOL BOARDS are meeting all over the state to review the issue of masks in schools.

School board members and parents are concerned Gov. Gianforte will follow other red states by penning an executive order to remove the ability for school boards to mandate masks. The petition below was made by Jaclyn Foster in Missoula to support masks/support decisions by school boards, and plans to deliver the results to both the Missoula school board and the Governor on August 9.

If you support mask mandates in the schools and support school boards being able to make the decision that is best for their district, please click the petition and sign.

Link to Petition:

The following articles reference Florida’s governor eliminating mask mandates in the public schools via executive order, and threatening to withhold funding to those schools that go forward with a mask mandate.…/florida-governor-desantis…/


Betsy Swartz

Founder, Big Sky Rising

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