Should Montana Worry about Voter Fraud? Or, Be More Concerned about Voter Access?

Rina Fontana Moore will be the Great Falls Rising speaker at their July 20th gathering. It will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the Darkhorse Hall at the Celtic Cowboy.

In her words:

“Rina Fontana Moore was elected to the seat of Cascade County Clerk & Recorder/Auditor/Surveyor/Elections Administrator in November of 2006 and took office on January 2, 2007. She is a professionally licensed Land Surveyor, cartographer and personal property auditor, as well as a professionally licensed Real Estate Appraiser.
Rina is currently in the 3rd year of her 4th term in office.  The Clerk & Recorders’ Office is responsible for all of the county’s accounting and the processing of the yearly financial reports, auditing all expenses within the county, recording of all deeds, among many other duties. Last but not least, and the favorite part of her position, as well as the most challenging, is the Elections Office. Rina will be speaking on access to voting and the voting process.”
The following are the topics that will be presented and open for discussion at the gathering on July 20th:

HB176 – Close of Late Registration on Friday Before Election Day
HB506 – Generally Revise Election Laws  (Clean-Up)
HB651 – Generally Revise Ballot Initiative Laws.
SB169 –   Generally Revise  Voter ID Laws
SB170 –   Require Annual Voter Registration List Maintenance
SB196 – Generally Revise Polling Place Hour Laws
SB350 –  Generally Revise Election Laws Related to Minor Parties
SB351 –  Revise Ballot Tabulation Dates for Counties. 

This is a topic of great interest and importance to all of us in Montana as we enter another election cycle and redistricting. Please bring friends and family. 

Contact for the Zoom link if you cannot attend in person. 

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