Preparation for 4th Fun!

Join us tomorrow! 

We’re Proud to live in the USA!

Here’s how to join us:

  • Find the CCDCC float in the parade of floats that will be forming south of the Civic Center and the Police Department.  We don’t have a number as the floats were not given numbers this year.
    • We will be leaving 18th and Central at about 9:15 and heading to the Civic Center.
    • We plan to meet up with participants at 10:00 in the line of floats.
  • Wear white, if possible, and be sure you have good walking shoes.
  • Bring water.
  • We’ll have buckets full of candy for eleven people to hand out to the children.
  • The float will stop periodically to let prticipants refill their candy buckets or take a break from walking.
  • Be sure and take a break if you feel like you’re getting too warm.

We’re looking forward to a good showing of participants. 
We want to show our pride in our party!

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