Cascade County Convention Coming Up on May 20th

Past elected CCDCC Executive Committee, from the 2017 – 2019 term.

By state code, the Cascade County Democratic Central Committee will hold a county convention prior to the Montana Democratic Convention held in June, and will be electing a presiding officer and vice presiding officer to serve for the next two years. The gender of the presiding officer and the vice presiding officer may not be the same. The Committee will also elect a secretary and other officers as necessary. It is not necessary for the officers to be precinct committee representatives.

The Chair has called for the county convention to be held on May 20th. The meeting will be published on social media and each precinct committee representative will be messaged a copy of the call. The Chair will preside at the county convention. No person other than a duly elected or appointed committee representative or officer of the committee is entitled to participate in the proceedings of the committee. No other business will be conducted.

WHEN:           Thursday, May 20, 2021, at 6:00 pm

WHERE:         The Labor Temple:  1108 7th St. S., Great Falls, MT
                        (Contact Sharon Patton-Griffin [ or                                {406 800-5917}], if you would like the link to the Zoom that will                              be available.)

UPDATE: The Executive Committee and associated positions up for election this year were chosen and can be found on the CCDCC OFFICALS page.

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